* Wellness Works Within *

Umbrella Mainframe of the 4 DIRECTIONS; for Services, Workshops, & Tuitorials, Fashion, Art, Music, Integrative~
Traditional Arts~All this and more can be found here at WELLNESS WORKS WITHIN~ BOTH Online & IRL (In Real Life ^_^)

& What kind of business is in the business of being a WELLNESS WORKER? 
Any person who is taking care to anyone, any thing, any aspect of bringing wellness...it could be an animal shelter, it could be an alternative arts studio, it could be RMT, it could be RETAIL shop that sells personal care products, it could be a Hair Salon, or perhaps a Seamstress using renewable resources, or a designer recycling garbage into brilliant furniture....
the TRUTH OF THE MATTER is that you can not live on this planet without doing a job with other beings, 
and most all of them there jobs then require you TAKING CARE TO someone or something
And that is a good thing because if it take a whole village to raise a child 
then it takes a whole Human Race to take care to the Healing of one another and the Healing of all, 
& All we at W.W.W.=WELLNESS WORKS WITHIN wants to do is help us get on the same page.  
Are you spreading a form of WELLNESS out there? Need a vehicle/collective to help you stand out from the crowd? 'The more we get together, the happier we will be'